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2012-04-01 15:54:27 by Icedragon200

Free album no strings attached :3

I enjoyed making this, and stuff...

; . ; I don't have much to say...


2011-08-15 02:48:31 by Icedragon200

I dissapear for some months and there is nothing new.

Hell YEAH.

2011-05-09 14:02:46 by Icedragon200

... Whatever ...

Gimme Teh Cookiez

2011-03-19 00:13:53 by Icedragon200

..... Can I haz Cookiez?

>.< Still no feedback here!? \/ /406062

Oh shit

2011-03-09 20:34:07 by Icedragon200

1gb left!
xD My poor hard drive...

Anyway, things have been getting better lately, my music has improved and I'm getting better feedback.
*~* FTW

I'll keep working, and bring more music to the table.


2011-03-01 13:18:34 by Icedragon200

XD I only have 2gb left on my hard drive!
x.x I blame newgrounds, the music here is top notch.

*Shrugs* Oh well time to start cleaning for the new month.

Make me cookies.

2011-02-16 17:19:54 by Icedragon200

:3 I'm gonna be trying some new stuff with my FL, since I got some new bass samples, and some chip tune plugins.

Wish me luck?


2011-02-06 18:08:19 by Icedragon200

DAMN IT! x.x
>.< I'm bored..